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StoneGuard® Protective Film

Marble top acid etches and stains happen. But they don’t have to…

StoneGuard® is a clear polyethylene film with heat, UV, and chemical resistant technology to protect marble and other natural stone countertop surfaces from acid-etching and staining. StoneGuard® is available for both polished and honed finishes.

Protection Against Acid-Etching Stone Damage

The calcium in natural stone chemically reacts when it comes into contact with acidic substances, such as cleaning products, lemon juice, tomato juice, vinegar, wine, and other substances. Etches are often mistaken for “water spots.” They appear as a dull spots on the finish and may have a slightly different texture compared to the smoothness of the surrounding stone.

A professional stone restoration contractor can remove etching, but in certain high-traffic areas where the stone is consistently exposed, acid etching can be an ongoing problem.

StoneGuard® offers a more permanent solution, because it is a protective barrier that prevents acid etching by keeping acidic and stain-causing substances from coming into contact with the stone. StoneGuard® eliminates the need for traditional natural stone chemical sealants.

Protection Against UV Stone Damage

Prolonged, direct sunlight can cause UV damage to stone, manifesting as a fading or darkening of the appearance of the stone. In addition, UV rays accelerate etchings.

StoneGuard® contains ShieldX making it not only highly resistant to chemicals, but enhanced with a UV inhibiting barrier that offers a new level of protection to the surface.

Protection Against Heat Stone Damage

Natural stone is heat resistant, but how much heat it can withstand will vary from one type of stone to the next. No one wants burns or heat stains on their countertops.

StoneGuard® offers exceptional heat resistance, sustaining temperatures of up to 320°F, which is much hotter than a pot of boiling water.

StoneGuard® can be installed only by a trained and certified applicator on countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops, desktops, and other horizontal stone application. (It is not suitable for floors, walls, and vertical surfaces.) Please visit StoneGuard® USA for more information.

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