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Polished concrete is hot… and for good reason

Polished concrete is an unconventional flooring option that has become popular in recent years, which comes as no surprise considering the economical advantages and the advances in concrete surfacing techniques.

Although polished concrete is a preferred choice for commercial and industrial applications, and even residential properties, it has its fair share of problems. Concrete that wasn’t finished properly may have trowel marks. With traffic and use, polished concrete can become dull and dingy-looking. Dirt, absorbed into the porous surface, may be impossible to remove using regular cleaning methods. Topical coatings wear away leaving a patchy looking mess.

Our technicians are experts in concrete cleaning, sealing, and polishing. We use natural polishing methods that last years longer than topically coated concrete. Not only do we know how to resolve problems associated with polished concrete, but we also can change the look of your concrete.

At Classic Marble Restoration, we have the technical knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to make your concrete beautiful once again. Contact us online today or call (763) 784-2483 to request an estimate for services.


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