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Tile and Grout

At Classic Marble Restoration,we can professionally clean your tile and grout surfaces then seal the grout to inhibit staining and make follow-up cleaning much easier. Say goodbye to elbow grease and toothbrushes. Our professional services produce incredible, lasting results.

Tile & Grout

Is your tile and grout dirty? Cracked? Do you have missing grout? Dark, stained or discolored grout? Broken or missing tiles? Make it look as good as new… for a fraction of the cost of replacement!

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Grout Sealing and Color Sealing

Tired of scrubbing dirty grout lines? Are your grout lines permanently stained or discolored? When your grout lines are dirty, stained or discolored it makes the whole floor look bad. With Grout Color Sealing you can restore a brand new look to your grout and keep it looking that way for years. You can even change the color from dark to light or vice versa.

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Pavers & Saltillo

Pavers and Saltillo differ from ceramic, porcelain, and other types of tile. Consequently, pressure washing can cause major damage. Not every professional tile and grout cleaning company has the skills and experience necessary to safely and effectively clean your pavers or Saltillo. We can safely bring back the warmth and old-world charm of your pavers and Saltillo.

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