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A Little Bit About Slate

Slate is an exceptional flooring material that comes in a variety of colors, from subdued and neutral to vibrant, and several different textures, from smooth to a cleft finish, which is a rough finish.

Slate is not impervious to damage.

Slate is a porous stone that needs to be properly cleaned and sealed after installation, as well as periodically thereafter. Although its tough composition makes it fade and scratch resistant, the appearance of slate can become diminished by chips or other damage, over-aggressive cleaning, harsh chemicals, and the build-up of inappropriate coatings. Classic Marble Restoration can resolve all of these problems.

Finishes for Slate

There are several different options to finish slate, from color enhancers and topical coatings, such as wax, to penetrating sealers and others. We can strip your slate of old coatings and determine which type of sealer to use to achieve virtually any look you want, from a gloss or matte finish to a low-luster finish.

We are your slate experts.

Our professional technicians know and understand the unique qualities of slate and can service all your slate needs, from stripping and repairs to customized finishes. We will also educate you on proper care of your slate surfaces and recommend appropriate care and cleaning products so that your slate can look great all the time.

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